About Mo’ Wax Please

This is NOT the official Mo’ Wax website!


My name is Ben, I’m also known as Dale Cooper, and I’m French (so please bear with me and my English!)

I’m an hardcore Mo’ Wax collector since 1996. It has since been my everyday passion. Mo’ Wax has literally changed my life by opening my mind to a lot of music styles, to urban art and lifestyle.
This is quite obvious but I’m also a big fan of Futura and UNKLE

I’ve first launched this website in July 2011, there was just the audio player back then. It was just a web radio and my aim was to put up the full Mo’ Wax back catalog played in random order, 24/7. I think that 99% of the tracks released on the label are now available on the web radio.

I’ve started building a more advanced version of the site in February 2013 because I wanted to make it a definitive resource for the fans, and the others. I planned to post news about the Mo’ Wax artists and some old good stuff about the label. A few days after I began working on it, Daydreaming has announced that they were working with James Lavelle on a new Mo’ Wax project, so I guess I’ll soon have loads of nice things to talk about!

UPDATE : As of August 28th, 2013 I’ve changed the name of the site from More Wax to Mo’ Wax Please and the url from to

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