Mo’ and mo’ wear : Bape x Mo’ Wax varsity and tee-shirt

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Here’s a classic A Bathing Ape x Mo’ Wax collaboration for 2014!

After the recent Nike x Mo’ Wax madness, here’s a new and even more expensive jacket with a Mo’ Wax logo on it. And this time it’s a very obvious collaboration with A Bathing Ape, on a black varsity jacket.

The jacket features a fat 3D Mo’ Wax logo (from the late Mo’ Wax days) and the classic UNKLE triangle logo by Futura on the chest, as well as the Futura “DJ Pointman” artwork -another classic, as seen many times on the UNKLESounds project- on the back, and the Psyence Fiction UNKLE logo on parts of the jacket I definitely don’t know what they’re called, but you’ll see that on the pictures below.

Given the 890€ (about £700 / $1100) price tag I think this jacket will not be as popular as the Nike Destroyer.

I stumbled upon this one by chance while searching for something totally different on Colette’s website. At the moment there’s no official announcement from neither of them, but since Mo’ Wax and A Bathing Ape have always worked hand in hand during the nineties, I guess there will be more stuff available in the near future? A Bape x Mo’ Wax tee-shirt would be quite cool and more affordable…

But I’d prefer some music, please!

UPDATE : there’s a tee-shirt! Check the latest pictures below and grab yours at Colette



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