Brand new mix by James Lavelle

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The man behind Mo’ Wax and UNKLE has just put together a new and long DJ mix, the first in a new series.

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Here’s James Lavelle latest delivery : a 2h30 exclusive mix for Hypetrak, entitled Living in my Headphones pt 1 ‘A Night’s Interlude’.

This one has been made with the help of Charlie May, with whom he has recently produced a nice remix for Lana Del Rey (check it).

Guess what? It includes the usual vocals from UNKLE’s Reign and Lonely Soul, 2 of a few tunes James can’t live without, plus other tracks that are in almost every of his mixes from the past 6 years.
The mix itself is quite good, well worth a listen and well suited for an afternoon at work. I’m just disappointed by the not so exclusive tracklisting. Always a pleasure to hear La Funk Mob though!

Here are James’ words about this mix :

Starting the new year I thought it would be good to finally drop a new DJ mix as its been a while. Whilst the band is taking a break I have been getting back to basics and starting to DJ again and work on some more electronic tracks and remixes. Living In My Headphones is the new title of a series I will continue for the foreseeable future with this being the first. As it’s been a while since I have done a mix I wanted to provide a soundtrack to my DJing both past and present with numerous exclusives, edits and remixes, some tracks from past mixes in new forms, classics and new brand new music. Being 2 and a half hours it is also very reflective of a live club DJ set, not split into different parts but as one continuous set and how I like to play out. I hope you can enjoy it both subtly as a soundtrack to your day or night, in headphones or cranked up as if you were right there with me in a club.

Check out the original post on Hypetrak here

  1. Intro (Excerpt from ‘Erebus’ feat Emiliana Torrini & Philip Sheppard. Music by James Lavelle)
  2. La Funk Mob – Motorbass Get Phunked Up (James Lavelle & Charlie May Edit)
  3. Noel Gallagher – AKA…What A Life? (James Lavelle & Charlie May Edit)
  4. The Naked And Famous – The Sun (UNKLE Sounds Re-edit)
  5. Ben Pearce – What I Might Do
  6. Ame, Henrik Schwarz, Dixon – D.P.O.M.D. (Ame Live Version)
  7. Osunlade – Envision (Ame Live Version)
  8. UNKLE – Rabbit In Your Headlights (King Unique Remix)
  9. Luis Junior – Athens
  10. UNKLE – Lonely Soul (A Cappella)
  11. Layo & Bushwacka – The Big Dream (Original Mix)
  12. Layo & Bushwacka – The Big Dream (Martin Buttrich Remix)
  13. Booka Shade – Tomorrow Belongs To Us (Club Mix)
  14. Carl Craig – For My Peeps (Dubfire Rework)
  15. Solomun – Dead Man (Original Mix)
  16. Loco Dice – Definition (Nic Fanculli Remix)
  17. Radioslave – Grindhouse (Nic Fanculli Remix)
  18. Thomas Schumacher – Fangbanger
  19. UNKLE – Reign (King Unique Remix + UNKLE Sounds Edit)
  20. Ame, Henrik Schwarz, Dixon – Where We At (Ame Live Version)
  21. Lana Del Rey – Ride (James Lavelle Remix Lyla’s Surprise)
  22. Carl Craig – At Les (Christian Smith’s Tronic Treatment Remix)
  23. UNKLE – Follow Me Down / Heavy Drug (Fergie Remix) (UNKLE Sounds Edit)
  24. Nicole Moudaber and Victor Calderone – The Journey Begins
  25. Four Tet – Angel Echoes (Caribou Remix) (James Lavelle & Charlie May Re-edit)
  26. Fleetwood Mac – Big Love (Live Acoustic Version)
  27. Funk D’void – Diabla (Christian Smith Remix)
  28. Radiohead – Everything In It’s Right Place (Gigamesh Re-edit)
  29. Mark Knight feat Underworld – Downpipe
  30. Hot Chip ­ Flutes (Sasha Remix)
  31. Pachanga Boys – Time
  32. 3Rone – Parade (Dominik Eulberg Remix)
  33. Luciano – Rise Of Angel (Mirko, Andrea Olivia and Original Mixes) (James Lavelle & Charlie May Re-edit)
  34. Marvin Gaye – Mercy Mercy Me (A Cappella)
  35. Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On (A Cappella)

By the way, James now has his own website :