Build & Destroy : the Mo’ Wax archive sale is on

Posted on November 24, 2014 by

Saatchi Gallery has unveiled the items from the Mo’ Wax archive that are now up for sale.


Forget about the Nike apparel and kicks, here is your one and only chance to grab the real shit!

As announced earlier last week, the Saatchi Gallery has just updated its web store with some amazing original items from the Mo’ Wax archive : printing proofs from some of the best covers, Futura original paintings and prints that were on the walls of the legendary Mo’ Wax office, and 3 posters that are overpriced in my opinion, although the MWA Futura one might be worth the £200 they ask for it if you never managed to get it.

green-pointman-spraying-by-futura_back green-pointman-spraying-by-futura

I’m really digging the proofs, especially the unreleased Clubbed To Death one with the large Pointman face.




There are also some amazing new works by the mighty Swifty. The Phat Groove series looks awesome, so does the U.N.K.L.E. Sound System which he’s been teasing on Instagram.


unkle-sounds-sytstem-by-swifty unkle-sounds-sytstem-by-swifty2
unkle-sounds-sytstem-by-swifty3 unkle-sounds-sytstem-by-swifty4

The very famous Futura x Ben Drury camo pattern is also featured on a new print by Ben Drury, in a new red/grey colorway, limited to 12 pieces for £450.


I’m not sure about the Headz prints by 3D though, I think that the new colors don’t do it justice unfortunately.

headz-original-by-3d headz-variant-by-3d

Everything of the above and much more are now available at the Saatchi store. There’s nothing cheap, but hey, this is Mo’ Wax man!

Also, stay tuned as there will be more items added to the store in the next few days…