A closer look at the Swifty book

Posted on July 13, 2017 by

Swifty is a man that probably needs no introduction if you are reading this. But if needed, I’ve go you covered with this interview I did with him a while back, and a visit to his studio.

Gamma Proforma announced the Swifty retrospective book, initially entitled Full Circle – now Funky Typografix – in April 2015. It took almost 2 years to get delivered, but it was really worth the wait.

With 376 pages and a hard back cover, this thing is MASSIVE, one of the heaviest books I have on my shelves. The limited edition is housed in a homemade box, and full of amazing goodies : 4 numbered and signed prints, some postcards of classic Swifty designs, and a shitload of flyers, stickers and other nice stuff from Swift’s archives. Also, the cherry on top is the exclusive Studio Babylon tee shirt.
The book itself covers the whole career of Swifty, from his beginnings as Neville Brody’s assistant, to the Addict collaboration, through Straight No Chaser, Talking Loud, Mo’ Wax, Studio Babylon, and his own artworks. Splendid!

Limited to 500 copies, and only 100 of the limited edition I think, this beauty has sold out in just a few weeks. So check out the gallery below to see what you’ve missed, and follow Gamma Proforma on Instagram to watch for a second edition, you never know!

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