UNKLE – Dissatisfied, an unreleased pre-Psyence Fiction track

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The Mo’ Wax / UNKLE vaults are starting to unveil their best kept secrets…

So yesterday James Lavelle was at Soho Radio for his monthly Living in my headphones show, delivering the usual eclectic selection of old, new and exclusive tunes. But this time, something very special happened.

James dropped Dissatisfied, an UNKLE track from the vaults, which he produced with former partner Tim Goldsworthy. The song features some nice vocals by French singer Atlantique (also known as Atlantique Khanh) who’s no stranger to you, since she was singing on Chaos on Psyence Fiction. In case you’ve not seen, you can listen to the tune in the above video.
We already knew that Atlantique participated to many recording sessions in the studio for UNKLE, but that’s the first time that we can hear something else than Chaos.
I guess this demo (this is how James Lavelle himself defines that tune) was recorded around 1995, when Atlantique kind of broke through (at least here in France) with her self-titled album released that same year. That would coincide with the aborted LA sessions for the UNKLE / Belmondo project.

One thing to note is the use of the sample by Be Be K’Roche’s Alone (check it out) that was later used for Bloodstain on Psyence Fiction.

According to James Lavelle, the track is going to be part of the Psyence Fiction reissue that we are still waiting for nearly 5 years now. Personally, I was quite concerned that the Psyence Fiction reissue would be only made of boring tech-house remixes, so it’s really, really good news to know that some decent tunes from the past still exist and will finally surface. Pretty exciting!

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