DJ Krush and The Prunes : the Headz 2 vinyl only interludes

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Here’s some music by DJ Krush and The Prunes that you may have never heard before!

Mo' Wax Headz 2 vinyls

Yesterday I was spinning my Headz 2 LPs for the first time in years – because mp3 etc…, you know – and I rediscovered the interludes by DJ Krush and The Prunes that I had almost forgotten.

There’s one of those short tracks at the beginning of each side of the vinyls. So we have 8 DJ Krush tunes called KRB part 1-8 on Headz 2A, and 8 more tunes by The Prunes, called Intermission part 1-8 on Headz 2B.

I thought it would be cool to let everyone know about them, so here you go : 16 tracks in 22 minutes. Nothing exceptional, just original music that most people never had access to before. Expect some rough beats, obscure samples, and a lot of vinyl crackles.



  1. DJ Krush – KRB Pt.1
  2. DJ Krush – KRB Pt.2
  3. DJ Krush – KRB Pt.3
  4. DJ Krush – KRB Pt.4
  5. DJ Krush – KRB Pt.5
  6. DJ Krush – KRB Pt.6
  7. DJ Krush – KRB Pt.7
  8. DJ Krush – KRB Pt.8
  9. The Prunes – Intermission Pt.1
  10. The Prunes – Intermission Pt.2
  11. The Prunes – Intermission Pt.3
  12. The Prunes – Intermission Pt.4
  13. The Prunes – Intermission Pt.5
  14. The Prunes – Intermission Pt.6
  15. The Prunes – Intermission Pt.7
  16. The Prunes – Intermission Pt.8

Ah ah!

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