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A quick Q&A with SheOne, the artist who created the painting used for Andrea Parker’s Melodious Thunk EP.

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Mo' Wax storage with SheOne painting used for Andrea Parker's Melodious Thunk EP

SheOne is not really a key figure in the Mo’ Wax history, but one of his artworks has been used for one of my favourite sleeves : Andrea Parker Melodious Thunk (MW040).

The original painting has recently surfaced while the Mo’ Wax 21 / Urban Archaelogy crew was digging through the label’s archives, and it looks beautiful (click the picture to view full size).

Real name James Choules, SheOne currently has a new solo exhibition called Hobo Zulu at the Wish Less gallery in Tokyo, from May 3rd to 28th, as well as few more very interesting things as he explains while answering my questions below.

Hi James. You’re just back from Tokyo after the opening of your new solo exhibition “Hobo Zulu” at the Wish Less gallery. How was it?

I always enjoy working in Japan such an inspiring place and the people at Wish-Less Gallery were great in enabling 

me to show my works in the way that I wanted. Also Skatething came to the opening night and he wasn’t even in disguise.

What’s next for you?

Working on a book of my painting and history of my style for a publisher, so currently going through the archives and gathering some text.

On the Mo’ Wax topic, the beautiful artwork of the Andrea Parker “Melodious Thunk” 12″ is based on one of your paintings. First I’d like to know if this painting has a name.

I dont remember it having a title, it was on a rusty piece of metal i found in the street. I wasn’t sure about the painting at the time but Req really liked it and encouraged me to put it into my exhibition.

Is there a story behind the use of your artwork for the sleeve? Was it a special order or was it just James buying it and then deciding to use it?

I had been working with MoWax making livepaints on tour with RPM and when Krush and Shadow toured England, so James and Shadow came to what was actually my first exhibition, James bought 3 pieces from the show including the one on metal that became the cover.

This Mo’ Wax record cover is the first one made by Ben Drury and Will Bankhead. Have you been involved in the making of the sleeve? Is there something interesting or funny to know about it?

James asked me about using the work, obviously I thought it was a good fit with the music but Ben and Will did the design and photography, I remember at the time Ben said he took the red from the painting and used it for the typography. I love that sleeve, still one of my favourite pieces and I have had people tell me they bought it just for the sleeve.

Me and Andrea have been talking about doing a project together recently, i’ll keep you posted.


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