The Story of Mo’ Wax & James Lavelle – BBC Radio 1, 1996

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“This is the story of how the wishful thinking of a 15 years old schoolboy became reality, this is the story of James Lavelle and his record label, Mo’ Wax”

I started to write this post in March 2013, and it has stayed hidden in the drafts for nearly 4 years. I eventually found it again this morning and thought it’s about time to publish it!

I don’t remember exactly where I got this rip from because I’ve had it in my archives for years, but I guess it was originally shared on the UNKLE 77 forum, so thank you, whoever you are!

What we have here is a full hour of music and talking, entitled “The story of Mo’ Wax”, featuring interview cuts from the likes of Ben Drury, DJ Shadow, Swifty, Money Mark, Attica Blues, Andrea Parker, Paul Bradshaw and many more.
And James Lavelle himself of course.

This program was broadcasted on BBC Radio 1 back in 1996, when Mo’ Wax was at its peak and before the deal with A&M led to a disaster.

I have to admit that I’m having a hard time in understanding everything. Fast speaking, accents and slang are the limits of my English skills unfortunately. So I’ll leave it to you to listen and enjoy this piece of history.

Should you have any more info about this radio documentary, please feel free to let me know in the comments!

One more thing : this radio show was the very first time I heard of the Underground Movement sound system from Oxford. Apparently James Lavelle was part of it, as well as Matthew Puffett. Here are the only extra info I could find about it online :


2 thoughts on “The Story of Mo’ Wax & James Lavelle – BBC Radio 1, 1996

  • Neal Sutherland says:

    Thanks for this, haven’t heard this since way back then. Sunday April 21st 1996 from what I could find from a quick Google flick

  • Rob Findlow says:

    Thanks so much for this. I remember listening to this at 17. I recorded it and listened to it a lot. Made a big impression on me at the time.

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