Listen : DJ Krush vs DJ Shadow : The Remixes

Posted on November 18, 2015 by

Coming out of nowhere, here’s a free compilation of classic DJ Shadow and DJ Krush tunes getting the remix treatment by a solid team of beatmakers. You should really check it out.

The guys at Nuage Records have just unveiled an unofficial compilation of classic DJ Shadow and DJ Krush tunes, mostly from the Mo’ Wax era, dusted off by a bunch of talented beatmakers.

Simply entitled DJ Krush vs DJ Shadow : The Remixes, the album, as well being totally unexpected, is quite amazing. I’ve been very impressed by the flawless mix of old and new production techniques, as well as the overall quality of the final tracks. The producers really did justice to the original tunes, which I was a bit skeptical about before my first play to be honest. And the cherry on top? It’s FREE to download, even in lossless compression.

I can’t really say more, because I never heard of Nuages Records and any of the beatmakers before yesterday, so I’ll let you check the Bandcamp page by yourself, and download the whole pack. Trust me it’s worth it. And feel free to show some support by naming your price.

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