Hear a short clip of The Prunes’ “Headz Headz Headz”, the Mo’ Wax holy grail

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Trust me, you’ve NEVER heard this before. Neither did I, until 20 minutes ago.

4 the headz #mowax

Une vidéo publiée par @nivo1210 le

Today is a great day, we FINALLY can hear an extract of that tune that so few people have heard, thanks to Instagram user @nivo1210.

The white label 7″ which was long believed to have the catalog number MW030, turns out to be actually MWH001. Its existence was certain, but no one out of  the Mo’ Wax team and the Prunes themselves ever had a chance to hear it. It is known to be pressed to 5 copies, as test pressings for an abandoned flyer idea.

In July 2016, a guy from Denmark posted on the UNKLE77 forum to ask what it is worth, because he found a copy by chance in the collection of former Prunes manager. And the lucky buyer was @nivo1210.

I know it’s a very very short clip, but I had to share it here. There’s not much to say about it, except that it sounds exactly like a good old Prunes cut.

Find Headz Headz Headz here on Discogs, and add it to your wantlist if you like, you never know!

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