Listen : UNKLE remixes from the Mo’ Wax Future Past series

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I’m happy to finally be able to share the four Psyence Fiction remixes that came out on the very limited and very expensive Mo’ Wax Future Past vinyl series!

UNKLE Mo' Wax Future Past remixes 4 x vinyls

In late 2015 a new series of Mo’ Wax garments was launched. Entitled Mo’ Wax Future Past, it consisted of a few tees, shirts and even pants made in collaboration with four Japanese “deluxe streetwear” labels : The Fourness, Neighborhood, Hysteric Glamour and Undercover. Each brand released a selection of pieces inspired by an UNKLE track from Psyence Fiction, as well as a pack including a tee-shirt, a poster, and more importantly, a vinyl featuring a remix of the track chosen by the brand, enclosed in an envelope, each limited to 50 copies
Curiously, those remixes never got leaked. I myself tried to get them ripped, but never could find someone who had them. And even as a completist, with a price tag of £150 for each package (£600 for the set!) I chose to keep my money in my wallet.

And now one year later, thanks to U77 fellow member P01NTM4N #77 who recently purchased all the vinyls and was cool enough to rip the tracks, I’m happy to share them with you. Thanks again mate!

So, two of them are tech house versions already heard in the latest Global Underground #41 Naples mix by James Lavelle (and Matthew Puffet) : Bloodstain (UNKLE Reconstruction) and Rabbit In Your Headlights (King Unique remix) which I personally would not call awesome, but are still good to have in full and unmixed.

The third one is Be There (IS and ISM remix), not a bad tune but it sounds a bit lazy to me.

Surely, the most interesting bit is the live version of Lonely Soul recorded at Meltdown back in 2014, featuring vocals by Eska (who we’ll soon hear on the forthcoming UNKLE abum), the London Contemporary Orchestra, and DJ Shadow at the scratches. This one brings back some really good memories… and goosebumps! I’m sure I can hear myself screaming in the background.

Listen to the set in the Youtube playlist below.

If you feel like they are worth the asked price, a few copies of the vinyl packs (and more) are still available to buy from the official UNKLE store. But don’t forget that all these tunes will be part of the long-awaited Psyence Fiction Deluxe edition (which I’m naively confident will be unveiled at the forthcoming Daydreaming with UNKLE exhibition)

You’ve just read the 100th article on Mo’ Wax Please :-)

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