Mo’ Wax has a new website

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Here you go :

I was really expecting to be used again since the domain name has been renewed last summer (yes, I’ve been watching it for months because it was about to expire) but Beggars Banquet is still the owner. Does this mean that there are some rights issues? I wonder who owns what in the Mo’ Wax world…

Anyways, this new site is now the official place (remember that the one you’re currently visiting is not!) to keep getting informed about what’s going on with the #mowax21 thing.

As it’s fresh from less than an hour, it’s still a bit empty but I’m sure they’ve plenty of nice stuff coming. And if not I’ll try to fill the gap!

Also, Mo’ Wax now has an address in Camden, London. Can it be the return of the legendary Mo’ Wax office?

Dear Mo’ Wax, welcome back to the interweb!

One thought on “Mo’ Wax has a new website

  • Cal Caffoor says:

    Hi there, Looking for Tracey M for old friends. Maybe you could email me if you have any idea how to contact her?
    All the best,

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