Mo’ Wax x museum neu tee-shirt range

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It’s 2014 and you can buy 12 brand new tee-shirts with some classic Mo’ Wax designs!


It’s been a long time since I have not posted anything here… I’ve been in holidays and tried to take a break from the interwebz for almost a month, which I almost succeeded. As a consequence, I’m very late on this news but I can’t pass it up, even though most of you will already know.

So, here’s a brand new and wide range of Mo’ Wax tee-shirts! I spotted this on Instagram in April and it became reality in July. Japanese clothing label museum neu (all lowercase) has teamed up with James Lavelle to celebrate the Mo’ Wax anniversary in Japan with a collection of 12 tee-shirts, using some of the most classic Mo’ Wax artworks : Headz, Endtroducing, the iconic logo of course, etc… as well as 3 designs from the less known yet excellent Mike Mills’ Visual Sampler. I haven’t had the chance to see them in person yet, but it looks like they are made of high quality material, and as you can see they’ve paid great attention to the details, with the Futura x Ben Drury camo pattern in the inner collar.

Also available is a nice mug with the Mo’ Wax logo reinterpreted by Haze for his London exhibition back in ’94 (remember seeing this at the Urban Archaeology exhibition?) and, I have no official word about that, but it looks like some iPhone cases are likely to be revealed soon, as seen on the following pictures from Japanese clothing store Home Base, and they really look great.

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An exclusive sticker board has been made too, not available for purchase but given away for the first buyers (if Google Translate did its job correctly :)

The collection is available in Japan only, but I’ve been told a few weeks ago that a worldwide distribution was in talks. In the meantime you can contact the guys via email and they can arrange you.

Head over to museum neu to learn more!

Here are all the tee-shirt designs, each one is available in white, black and heather grey.

















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