Swifty’s new shop has some nice Mo’ Wax pieces

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Swifty has just revamped his online store, and added some of his latest Mo’ Wax artworks for Saatchi to it.

Swifty, the Mo’ Wax original designer and logo originator, has just launched his new online store.

Amongst some of his classic Jazz Festival series and phunky fonts, you’ll find some Mo’ Wax artworks originally sold at the Build & Destroy exhibition at Saatchi, but at much more interesting prices…

The Music For Mad Lifted Beat Junkies print is now £120 (instead of £300). Limited to 10, 4 of them are still available.

swifty-mo-wax-mfmlbj-1 swifty-mo-wax-mfmlbj-2

Another highlight of the Saatchi exhibition was the Phatgroove series, a beautiful piece of work featuring a 10″ etched vinyl record, and a stripe in the unimitable style of the early Mo’ Wax releases, framed and ready to rock your wall. There were 6 unique and different pieces in this series, and 2 of them are for sale for £250 (they were £600 at Saatchi if I remember well…).

swifty-mo-wax-phatgroove-1 swifty-mo-wax-phatgroove-2

Also check out some other Mo’ Wax related items like the Jazz Journal print, which reproduces the cover of an old magazine that Swifty took inspiration from for the Mo’ Wax sleeves – here’s the original – , as well as a few copies of the original That’s How It Is! posters in mint condition that he recently found in his archives.

swifty-mo-wax-jazz-journal swifty-thats-how-it-is-poster

Head over to the store here : and don’t forget to visit Swifty’s main website at

Check out this interview with Swifty I did 2 years back, and the photos of his studio when I visited him last year in his London home.

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