The Mo’ Wax Urban Archaeology Kickstarter campaign is on

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We now have 30 days to help Mo’ Wax putting together the Urban Archaeology project…

Mo' Wax Urban Archaeology Kickstarter campaign is on

This was announced after the teasing week in March : James Lavelle will celebrate Mo’ Wax’ 21 anniversary with a book and a large exhibition, both entitled Urban Archaeology, and ask help from the fans with a Kickstarter campaign to raise some funds.

So here we go, the Kickstarter campaign has just started and it will last for 30 days.

Announced rewards are a Deluxe edition of UNKLE’s Psyence Fiction album, a special 7″ picture disc, a Best of Mo’ Wax mix CD limited edition t-shirts by Ben Drury, stickers, and some other stuff.  Biggest rewards are a complete set of the Mo’ Wax back catalog if you pledge £2000, and your own tune remixed by James Lavelle if you pledge £5000! All depending on the amount of the donation, and obviously, if the target of £30.000 is reached at the end of the campaign.

We now have an estimate of when the exhibition will happen : May 2014.

I’m really surprised that the book is not in any of the rewards though… EDIT : I’ve just been informed that’s because the book will be published by Rizzoli, at the same time but as a different project.

Also, listen what James Lavelle has to say about the Urban Archeology in the new video :

Let’s hope this will happen… Do you plan to be a backer for this project?

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