The Mo’ Wax Urban Archaeology book has been announced by Rizzoli

Posted on August 27, 2013 by

We now have the cover, the release date and the price.

EDIT 27/05/2014 : The book is now available and I’ve just posted a preview with some photos. Check it out!

Mo' Wax Urban Archaeology book by Rizzoli - pre cover

It’s no secret that Rizzoli will be the publisher of the forthcoming Mo’ Wax Urban Archaeology book. They now have put up a page about the book on their site, with an image of the cover.

Check it out here :

This may not be the final cover since the book is just in its early stage of writing.

But we have a bit more infos! The release date is April 15, 2014, the announced price is $60, which is roughly the price of previous Rizzoli publications such as A Bathing Ape or Supreme, and it’s written by James Lavelle…

UPDATE : pre-order now from Amazon :