Watch : UNKLE – Lonely Soul live feat. The Scratch Perverts

Posted on December 6, 2015 by

A short video of the first ever UNKLE live performance, by James Lavelle and the Scratch Perverts.

Here’s a video that I recently found on my hard drive, seen that it was nowhere on the web, uploaded to Youtube, then immediately forgot about… So finally here’s a quick post to share it to my readers.

Basically it’s James Lavelle and the Scratch Perverts playing some test pressings with instrumentals and acappellas from Psyence Fiction, adding some effects, cuts and scratches. Much more of a DJ set than a real live.

This was recorded during the NME tour back in 1999 and there was probably more UNKLE tunes played, but Lonely Soul is the only one I’ve ever heard from this tour. I would love to hear more… Anyone?